Stay Fit Hydration Belt

Stay Fit Running Co.

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The Stay Fit Running Belt lets you take along up to 24 Oz of items in complete comfort. Walk, run, or sprint your items will remain safe and secure with our unique tagged flap design. Four individual compartments prevent your items from shifting while on the move. Our stretch to fit high compression fabric is a perfect fit for all body sizes and shapes. Large front and back pockets are big enough for any size phone with any case. 

• 4.5" wide to prevent rolling.
• Stretch to fit.
• No bouncing, rolling or riding.
• Easily accessible pockets even at night.
• Retains shape even after years of use.
• Secure pockets without zippers.
• Includes 2 6oz BPA free water bottles.
• Moisture-wicking fabric.
• Great for medical devices like insulin pumps or EpiPens. 
• Perfect for biking, riding, concerts, travel, theme parks, dog walking, etc.


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Size Guide


We know purchasing apparel online can pose a challenge! One never knows how well it will really fit. Use the size chart bellow to help you decide the best possible fit. Our running belt fits true to size but if in doubt just buy the same size as your best fitting leggings

Still not sure what size to order? Contact us HERE and we can help you out further!