Our Story

There are runners who need little more than a pair of shoes to have a great run. I am clearly not one of those people. I love to take everything with me. My phone, gels, and keys are part of my daily runs and I won't leave home without them. But what to store them in?

I had an old armband lying around the house so I started with that. But the armband would soon start sliding down only after a couple of miles. It was worse during hot summer days when my runs get progressively longer.

I saw many runners wearing hydration belts. Watching them bounce up and down drove me crazy and I wasn't even wearing it! There had to be a better alternative.

I started searching online and saw a band-type belt that looked interesting. I'll be honest - the first time I ran with it, it was amazing! No bounce at all and my hands were empty. Such freedom! But that happiness was short-lived. After a few runs, the belt started to come apart at the seams. And getting my phone in and out was a nightmare. My gels didn’t have that problem - they seemed to get out all on their own! I ran my first marathon with it and I can personally tell you it's not a good idea to stop mid-run to pick up your food and risk getting trampled by other runners!

I planned to run three marathons the next year and this would never do! I bought two sizes of a wider version of the belt thinking that would solve my problems. One was too loose; I couldn't breathe in the other. And not only did they have the same issues as their narrower brethren, but these started either to slide down (or ride up) as well!

On one particularly amazing run, my cousin was texting me over and over. It took me a while to find the pocket where my phone was, and even longer to get the phone out to answer her messages. Frustrated, I replied to her, "You're in the apparel industry. Can't you do something about this?!”

Together we decided to see if we could come with up a solution that would solve all of these problems. The idea of the band-type belt was great, but we gave it variable size compartments for easy access, designed for particular objects. We used a contrasting color on the pocket openings for easy visibility even in the dark. We also included flaps to ensure everything stays put until you need it! We sourced the best quality fabric so that it would not wear out quickly, even on long runs over many seasons. And we produced it in-house right here in the United States to ensure the highest possible quality. My belt already has over two thousand miles on it and it still works just as good as new!

We spend hundreds or thousands on our running gear every year - anything to help us stay out there a little longer. We will do anything for a better run. And anything that takes away from that run had to go!

We guarantee our Stay Fit Running Belt really will bring you more enjoyment and greater comfort on your next run, and will help you run farther, faster!

Size Guide


We know purchasing apparel online can pose a challenge! One never knows how well it will really fit. Use the size chart bellow to help you decide the best possible fit. Our running belt fits true to size but if in doubt just buy the same size as your best fitting leggings

Still not sure what size to order? Contact us HERE and we can help you out further!