“Remember, everything you need is already inside of you.”
— Unknown 

Pink and Black Running Belt Header

the best running waistpack ever made


Running Belt For iPhone 8 Plus and Samsung Note 8

No, seriously. The center pocket is big enough for even these big babies. Cases are no problem either. The front and back pocket are more than big enough for these and any other smart phone!

Running Belt For Smartphone

Running Belt That Doesn't Bounce Or Ride Up

Just about every running belt out there performs great for a mile or two. But what about for a half-marathon or a full marathon? Our amazing fabric and original design prevents bouncing, bunching, riding or flipping over!

Woman Wearing Running Belt Finishing Marathon

Perfect Running Belt For Water And Fuel

Use your own disposable water bottles in a pinch or do your part to save the environment and buy one or two of our water flasks. They are taste free and match well with our running belt!

Blue Hydration Belt

Stylish Running Belt

The Stay Fit Running Belt comes in 7 amazing colors to match any outfit letting you look your best in any workout. 

Black, Pink, And Blue Running Belt

Visible Pockets

Our high contrast pockets are visible even in the dark. No slits to fiddle around with to slow you down.

Black Running Belt For Iphone
Size Guide


We know purchasing apparel online can pose a challenge! One never knows how well it will really fit. Use the size chart bellow to help you decide the best possible fit. Our running belt fits true to size but if in doubt just buy the same size as your best fitting leggings

Still not sure what size to order? Contact us HERE and we can help you out further!