5 Things That Drive Runners Crazy About Running Belts

5 Things That Drive Runners Crazy About Running Belts

I love to run! But as much as I love it, it isn't always easy. I know many runners just love to get on the trails with just the pavement under their foot and wind in their ears. That is so not me! I need my playlists and my friends to text when I run. They just make running all that more enjoyable. But all the running belts and packs I tried created more problems than they solved...


1. Hard to find pockets.

This was my biggest problem with the belts I used. I always had a problem finding those slits in my running belt. I often had to stop and fiddle around the belt to get anything in and out. And as someone who is always trying to get a new PR, time is everything!

2. Things falling out of pockets.

All that bouncing when running tended to shift my items around until they inevitably fell out of those slits. Not exactly a pleasant experience when your expensive smartphone slips out and shatters!

3. Too tight or too loose.

Maybe it was just because of my body type not being in perfect shape and all, but every running belt I bought was either too tight or too loose. They never quite fit just right. They were always too tight or too lose. And if they fit right at the beginning of the run they never stayed that way for very long.

4. The bouncing...

The bouncing that occurred with some of the running belts I tried was unbearable. Buying a smaller size solved that problem but it also made it harder to breathe..... and breathing is pretty important while running.

5. The bunching and rolling

At around 16 or 17 mile marker I completely gave up on my running belt as it had bunched up and flipped over so much I wasn't sure why exactly I was wearing it anymore.

Hey, we know running isn't always easy. That's why we like to take with us some of the things that make running more bearable if not enjoyable. We need a secure place to store our fuel, keys, cards, and music. But, honestly, all of the running belts we tried were more of a hindrance and a distraction than a viable solution. That's why I designed and produced a running belt that held all my stuff, fit perfectly, stayed put, and made it easy for me to get the things I need when I need them.

The Stay Fit Running Belt - it's amazing and I never go running without it!

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We know purchasing apparel online can pose a challenge! One never knows how well it will really fit. Use the size chart bellow to help you decide the best possible fit. Our running belt fits true to size but if in doubt just buy the same size as your best fitting leggings

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